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Wemco is a division of Weir Pumps, a $2.3B company employing over 8,000 people worldwide across three divisions, in closely aligned, independently successful companies, each with leading brand name products in their own sectors.These businesses are supported at Group level by management, marketing, training, and research and development resources, through our Scottish headquarters and through regional, product-focused centers of excellence around the world.Across the Group, we are committed to collaborating, cooperating and integrating our offering. Crucially, we are working as one in the journey towards operational excellence.

WEMCO Profile

Wemco Pumps engineers, manufactures and sells pumps and related equipment for the Municipal Wastewater global market.Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.The WEMCO product line, consisting of the WEMCO Torque-Flow recessed impeller pump, a variety of applications, primarily grit handling, WEMCO Self-Primer, WEMCO Chop-Flow, and the WEMCO Hydrogritter. Weir Specialty Pumps also sells the pitot-tube style Roto-Jet high pressure pump.