Hidrostal Pumps

High quality products and a constant drive to surpass ourselves from the bedrock of the company. Swiss quality is our hallmark. We achieve this thanks to qualified and motivated employees, the best possible materials and intensive quality control. That is also why we invest in exceptional in-house manufacturing.

Moreover, when developing our products we always aim for high serviceability criteria, such as lifespan, cost effectiveness and, of course, energy efficiency. Hidrostal pumps enjoy an exceptionally long lifespan and are very low maintenance.


Hidrostal Pumps are the ideal pump for transporting most sludges and raw sewage. No other pump offers more quality or experience proven features, ensuring impressive reliability and unsurpassed performance. A lot of pump companies will give you marketing hype about their solids handling capabilities or performance, but Hidrostal Pumps are the real deal. Available in a variety of types and installations, Hidrostal has a solution for your need.

Submersible/Immersible Pumps
Dry Pit/Bearing Frame Type Pumps
Engineered Solids Handling Pumps
Axial Flow Pumps
Fish Friendly Pumps

Immersible Pumps

Hidrostal Pumps submersible/immersible pumps are a range of quality screw centrifugal non clog pumps. They are capable of pumping general effluent and municipal and industrial wastewater that includes solids, rags and other common materials.

Fish Friendly Pumps

Our founder patented the first ever Fish Friendly Pump over 50 years ago. Our current range includes both Fish Friendly Pumps and Fish Transfer Pumps that are suitable for a wide variety of sizes and species fish. Our pumps have a wide application range in aquaculture, water extraction and land drainage settings.